OpenIDEO partners with leading organizations to drive collaboration, innovation, and impact around the world's toughest problems, through launching challenges, programs and other tailored experiences. There, I learned and practiced design thinking to produce the following work:

Developed Backend Processes to Organize Campaign Content

I developed organizers (pictured) using Google applications to house OpenIDEO’s campaign content. These organizers were used to categorize links by type, draft copy, and slot in potential scheduling days for content. Tools like this played a large role in helping me fill our social campaigns throughout Twitter and Facebook. Above, there is also an example of a month’s worth of content through our scheduling application, CoSchedule, where I’ve inputted all the content I’ve researched, gathered, illustrated, and written.



Worked with Key Internal and External Stakeholders to Successfully Launch Global Innovation Challenges



Wrote, illustrated, and strategized 6-8 month-long social media campaigns



Designed Visual Assets to Correspond with each Challenge Journey

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 4.20.46 PM.png


Curated high-engaging, design content and wrote copy to build an online learning-focused community



Worked with Internal Comms Teams to Support the Broader IDEO Brand